Steve Logan

South London Hard Man

Covers from "The Wrestler" bear witness to Steve Logan's magnificent career
Self stranglehold by Les Kellett Struggling with Judo armlock Attacking Bruno Asquini Still going strong in 1972

Feature from "The Wrestler", April 1963

Ray Fury backhammer Kneehold by N'Boa, the "Snake Man" Roy StClair piledriver

December 1965 Feature from "The Wrestler", May 1967

Feature from "The Wrestler", June 1967

Feature from "The Wrestler", April 1968

Mike Marino backhammer Les Kellett applies an Indian deathlock Feature from "The Wrestler", August 1968

Nervehold by Judo Al Hayes Alf Marquette with an arm trap and head twist Dropkick by Les Herberts

December 1969 Forearm smash by Johnny Czeslaw ... ... and another from Bert Royal

Side headlock on Ray Glendenning Arm twist by Mike Marino Knee jab by Tony Charles

Feature from "The Wrestler", September 1972

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